Twins Special

Twins Special originally was founded in Bangkok, Thailand in 1992. Since its inception the brand spread throughout the world from Europe to the Americas. The exceptional training and competition boxing gloves won the hearts of fighters and teachers throughout the world for their performance, durability, and quality. Twins Special is the originator and exclusive manufacturer of many of the world’s most popular designs of boxing gloves and fight gear.

Twins Boxing Gloves

The special features of the Twins boxing gloves include a unique padding system that fully protects the hand as well as superior fit and craftsmanship. The designs include traditional lace-up, Velcro with outstanding support as well as various securing systems some patented by the company. Often imitated but never equaled Twins Special products have for nearly twenty-five years defined greatness in Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Kickboxing.


Twins Special has exclusive quality in its craftsmanship and materials with recognitions from all international sanctioning bodies and athletic commissions approving the use of the products for a wide range of competitive disciplines. The specialized equipment is also uniquely adapted for safe training. All of the design features are functional never just for the look. Despite the companies focus on performance Twins Special’s products are available in a wide range of colors with creative and exciting patterns that reflect the users own creative spirit as a fighter. Twins Special boxing gloves composition is varied depending on the weight and use. Heavier gloves like 16oz, 14oz and 12oz are all adapted to serve the needs of a bigger and stronger fighter or practitioner for sparring and ultimate safety. Smaller sizes of Twins Special training gloves are adapted for lighter participants sparring as well as technical training like pad / focus mitt work and bag work.

In the field of MMA Twins Special has always been an innovator developing some of the first gloves used in Japanese MMA promotions. These products broke ground for safety and flexibility in training. Even today those early standards have become universal standards copied by companies around the world. Recently the Twins Special company has taken those original products and moved significantly forward raising the bar again in the field of safety equipment.

Frequently Twins Special products are adapted and used for diverse disciplines where there is a need for full-contact protection. For this reason over time Krav Maga and full-contact karate and taekwondo have also frequently chosen Twins Special products for their safety and durability.

Twins Special shin guards are universally admired for their defense of one of the most sensitive areas of the body that is often injured during Thai boxing and martial arts training. Not only are they a strong defense against injury they are flexible and balanced for movement and training without interruption from striking to clinch and even grappling ranges. Over time many different models have been developed each with their own unique benefits. Some of the different Twins Special shin guards include extra protection or are specially compact for MMA training. Each product has bee developed and tested in the field by real fighters training and competing in the highest level events in the world.

Twins Special

Muay Thai Gear and Equipment including gloves, equipments, apparel.

Twins Signature Shin Guards and Gloves

Throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium Twins Special products were featured in professional boxing world title fights as well as the world Muay Thai championship and kickboxing world championships. These events took place all over the world from Asia and Europe to the Americas. As a result of this proliferation virtually all professional striking competitions in the world have used, use currently or are with brands that copy products made in the Twins Special production facilities.

Twins Special handwraps and fighting ankle supports are made from the best quality Thai materials. The flexibility and density of these products are created specifically for professional and amateur boxing and Muay Thai. This is the kind of attention put into every single Twins Special product. The Twins Special company is constantly developing new products with the best materials on earth. Twins Special created some of the first effective “belly pads” and full body protection for trainers these products were instant bestsellers and became a staple for generations of trainers. Over the year the designs of these products have been continually improved, made lighter and more responsive. This focus on performance is even reflected in the Twins Special steel cup which is a must for competitive Muay Thai fighters.

Twins Handwraps


Muay Thai Pads

Twins Special has always been known for having the best and most durable Muay Thai pads for training and kicking. Besides Thai pads which are centric to kicking arts Twins Special produces more than fifteen distinctive styles of focus mitts used predominately for boxing. Over the years many new models of Thai pads and focus mitts have been innovated and introduced including support for the wrists and curved models. As with Twins Special’s other products most coaches and practitioners consider these products to be the gold standard for training equipment.

While always core to the heart of combat sports Twins Special has manufactured a broad range of fight apparel. For practitioners their choice of Twins Special it is often a reflection of the their personal style and devotion to their discipline. Known for its top quality the t-shirts and performance apparel are emblematic of combat sports. With its exclusive manufacturing and eye catching designs Twins Special has long been ahead of the times.

Muay Thai Shorts, warm-ups and jerseys are all made by Twins Special workers specialized in fight wear. Finest quality materials are combined with detailed craftsmanship. These products have been seen on the most renown fighters in the world historically and until the present. Twins Special is the global leader in highest end fight gear.

Besides the performance fight wear Twins Special apparel side also creates walk-out jackets for the fight from robes to corner-men jackets every member of a fight team has product specifically designed for them by the Twins Special. Customers from all over the world have relied on the company for decades to supply them with these most specialized and customized creations. Within the full-contact community there is no greater or more trusted name than Twins Special.

Twins Special has launched a new online shop to connect with fighters, coaches and the distributors all around the world who want to have the best equipment available. For more information about distribution of our products or orders please email